What are some other selling strategies for selling an unattractive home with some admitted flaws?

QUESTION: Everything I read about selling a home is about staging. Our home is not great, but we cannot afford to spend money to improve it. What are some other selling strategies for selling an unattractive home with some admitted flaws?

ANSWER: The good news is that inventory is low, which is in your favor. The bad news is that even with such low inventory and high demand, sellers should not be complacent about putting an unattractive home with flaws on the market. Buyers are savvy. They know an ugly home when they see one.

Price will be your most important strategy. No matter how hot the local market, sellers of ugly or old, outdated homes should be especially careful not to price their home too high. Be objective about your home, its appearance and flaws, and price accordingly. Seek candid assessments of your home, especially from relatives, who are more likely to be upfront and give you more honest opinions than friends.

It sounds as though you are already very aware of your home’s unattractiveness. That is good. Listen carefully to your realtor about his/her price recommendation and follow it.

Also discuss the realtor’s marketing strategy for your home. Make sure the marketing materials emphasize the positive attributes of your home – its location, yard, layout, etc. It’s got to have at least a few positives. Play them up. Make sure the pictures of your home are absolutely topnotch. Most buyers start their search online. Good photos will show your home in its best possible light. Creating effective marketing materials can help draw people to your home who might otherwise drive right on by because of poor curb appeal.

You say you don’t have enough money to properly stage your home, but just a couple of hundred dollars can make an improvement. A little paint can go a long ways. So does a little elbow grease. De-clutter and clean, clean, clean. Wash windows, get rid of pet odors, make sure the lawn and hedges are trimmed. Paint the front door. All this costs little or next to it and can make a big impression on buyers.

Linda Goodspeed is a longtime real estate writer and author of “In and out of Darkness.” Email her at: lrgoodspeed@comcast.net.